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First thing: My birthday is March 16th. Adrien, if you and Kiy are free Liz and I would like to go to Dinner with you that evening. Nothing special, I just want to chill with friends. I'll invite a few other people too probably.

Second: I'm on nicorette, this is day four. The only problem is that I have to keep my fingers busy or I get cranky. That can be hard when I'm at work, because I can't write when Daniel is awake.

Third: The doctor ordered me to remove dairy and garlic completely from my diet, because my allergies to them are getting dangerous. This is okay when I'm eating at home but it's proved to be a major pain in the ass when I'm eating out.

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Hey babe, can you e-mail me your address?
I wanna send you something through ol' fashion snail mail. =D

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