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It took me a while to come to grips with reality. I thought it was okay to be jealous of Ty because Liz loves her too, but it's not okay. I have no right to tell Liz not to hang out with her best friend, and I'm cool with it now. I always trusted and trust Liz, but her loving someone other than me really bothered me. Now it's no big thing though.
If I had someone I was that close to I would want Liz to be okay with my hanging out with them. Best friends are a must for some people. Not for me usually, but that's not by choice necessarily.
I guess it is hard for people to be close to me, because I don't let people get close at first. It takes a person(s) that is patient and really wants to know me to get close to me. That's why I'm so thankful for Liz. I do wish that I had a best friend of my own like she does sometimes, but that will come at the right time if it is to come.


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