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So Much to Update.
Well, here goes, one little thing at a time:
I had a serious talk about love with Liz, and ofcourse it was the most emotional and deep conversation we've had since we started our relationship. She has taught me a lot about living one day at a time and enjoying life. I have been going through a tough time and let my self confidence sway a lot. This lack of confidence was not something I noticed, but she has. Now that I am aware of it I'm grabbing the bull by the horns and riding the bastard till he drops.
My job has changed a lot. I got a raise, Danny is walking and climbing all over everything now, and my sister has grown from being some-what of a friend to an over bairing dicouraging bitch. She's always had that capacity, I just haven't seen it in a long time. Her need to push her ideals on me and insult my wanting to be successful instead of going on disability or welfare(like her) has become too much for me. So, regardless of my loving the kids and my sister,I am still looking for a different job.
Another friend is moving away. Laura is moving to Scotland in July, and i will miss her more than she realizes. She's been really close to me in the short time that we've known eachother, and I am going to miss her terribley. People are always leaving me :(

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