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Things are getting better in some ways. I'm just looking at it all differently right now.
Things with Liz continue to be good, we're happy and we just keep getting closer.
Work is okay, because I've really drawn the line as to what I will put up with from my sister. I know that she's family, but I also know what my rights are as an employee, and I've basically grabbed them back from her power hungry hands. No more overtime, because I know she can't pay me. I am definately not going to work 24 hours straight anymore, and she has to respect that I don't ever want to be on assistance unless I'm in a wheelchair. Even then I'd try to work from home.
I'm spending more time with my cat and my friends, and that seems to lighten my stress. I think taking time for myself has always been hard for me to do enitialy, but once I do it I feel a lot better.
An important note on this entry: Liz was getting jealous of my sister and the kids, how much time I was spending with them and not with her. I pulled away from my family, thus putting more into the relationship with Liz.


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