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Cranky Me
You Know when you think you're doing great and then you say something stupid, and it fucks up your whole day, because the person you love the most is hurt by your blunt comment made in passing.
All you blunt people know what I'm talking about. You speak your mind and then you're partner takes it personal. They think you're attacking them when all you're doing is stating an opinion. Granted I lack tact sometimes, but I never intend to be a bitch.
I'm trying hard here really, I mean I quit smoking, day six now. I got a raise, and I'm slowly renovating our townhouse. I cut dairy out of my diet so I'm losing weight. I don't think I could try any harder to improve myself. I just feel like no matter what I do it's not going to be good enough. I'm in love with her, I just wish she was in love with me.

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Everyone says stupid things at some point. I'm sure it will all blow over. Give her some time. =)

I'm sure she is in love with you. If she wasn't, why would she be with you, babe?

Yeah, things are okay now. She was not upset nearly as much as I was. We had a talk last night about our love and what future we both see. She says two years is as far as she looks ahead, and for her that's a long time, because usually she looks at things month by month.
I see things going for atleast two years, and I'm happy that she sees a future, even if it is only two years. She does love me, but she's not in love with me, for her that's serious and she's not quite there yet.

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