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Moving Again
I am moving to Surrey with Liz(Ethan) next month. We have found a nice place for a descent price in a very quiet neighbourhood. I am hoping that we can write up a good rental agreement with Dave, as he knows Liz from being a regular at her work.
Liz' mom is moving to the sunshine coast and I am hoping that it will be good for both of them to live away from eachother. They rely on eachother a lot.
Liz and my one year is coming up and I have that gift taken care of, but I am still working on her birthday present. I bought her something, but she found out what it was, so I am buying her something else too.
I am still working on the Drive, and I like my job, it pays ok, especially since I got that raise.
I miss spending time with friends though, you are all out there, but I work six days a week and we never seem to be able to connect. If you don't want to call me, you can e-mail or something, I do miss hearing from people.

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I'm happy to hear good stuff from you. :)

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